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OpenPlugin connects the software you already own with modern generative AI capabilities.

We avoid the rip-and-replace model by introducing a bridge that sits between your new generative AI apps and your inventory of APIs.

conversational APIs.

OpenPlugin makes it easy to “chat with an API”, that is, to use natural language as the input to the API.

add multimodal extensions.

OpenPlugin offers several options to easily transform the APIs response into something better suited to human consumption like text, markdown, HTML, JSX, voice, video, etc.

The multimodal extensions make it convenient to connect your systems to generative chat and agent solutions.
the generative app stack.

support multiple LLMs.

Today, most LLMs offer a “function calling” solution. OpenPlugin extends LLM functions to perform the actual call, and to monitor success.

OpenPlugin allows developers to write your plugin once, and to use it across the LLM providers that you choose.

testing & monitoring.

OpenPlugin has built-in support for permutation testing and distributed runtime monitoring.

Use real-time statistics on uptime, latency and costs to proactively monitor and enhance your offerings. View runtime stats by plugin, by geo or by server.

plugin marketplace & portals.

Plugins extend the API description, making it easy to package your offerings as reusable components.

With proper packaging, the plugins can be curated and productized to drive adoption. Imprompt offers dev teams access to a shared Plugin Portal, and external users can access approved plugins through an external marketplace.
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