About Us


Imprompt is at the forefront of transforming digital interaction with our cutting-edge chat-to-everything platform, guided by the innovative control of an agent mesh.
Our team of engineers and scientists are committed to advancing the field of AI with a focus on creating intelligent agents, versatile assistants, and customizable plugins that streamline workflows.
We are dedicated to equipping our customers with the sophisticated tools and technology that were previously available to only a select few, democratizing access to advanced AI solutions.

origin story.

In 2023, Jeff Schneider, Barrett Jones, and Shrikant Murali founded Imprompt with an ambitious vision: to revolutionize how businesses interact with software using natural language conversations with Large Language Models (LLMs).

They envisioned a future where business problems could be solved through simple conversations, with legacy IT systems seamlessly integrated.

Imprompt saw a need to manage and secure AI assets as adoption grew. They created a platform to operate these systems securely and efficiently, starting with the Imprompt Assistant.

Next, they launched the Imprompt Builder to empower teams to create conversational interfaces to their current I.T. systems.

Today, Imprompt is refining the Agent Mesh - the backbone enabling easy communication between businesses and technology.


We've come a long way on our own, but we're always looking for partners who share our vision. Contact: investors@imprompt.ai