Imprompt Builder

make work fun again.

language-enable your existing software.

language enable I.T. systems.

Imprompt Builder makes your current software accessible to chat & GPT copilots.

  • Create departmental AI Assistants and Agents.

  • Chat-enable your APIs.

  • Build and publish automated GPT workflows.

  • Ensure accuracy via automated test suites.

  • Create a marketplace of GPT/LLM enterprise assets.

we ♡ ISVs. we ♡ enterprise.

Imprompt Builder is the preferred platform to language-enable APIs, and enterprise data.

Application developers, API engineers and ML teams use Imprompt to build, test and share GPT enabled access to corporate data systems.

Get Access To:
  • The Builder Workshop.

  • Test Automation Servers.

  • OpenPlugin Servers.

  • Team Sharing & Catalog Publishing.

40+ AI workflow vendors

As the complexity of GPT environments grow, enterprises and ISVs are challenged to scale the program in a controlled manner.

Imprompt Builder

manages the full life cycle of GPT application assets.


Create LLM assets. Define security.


Provide sample prompts. Optimize the calls & responses.


Document your plugins. Write & run the tests.


Share with team members. Publish to catalogs.


Monitor success rates. Scale servers.

share. subscribe. monetize.

build GPT assets.
keep private or publish to catalogs.

Create catalogs of language-enabled assets. Publish Plugins, Flows, Assistants and Agents to: 

  • Your social profile.

  • The Imprompt Global Marketplace.

  • Your private corporate catalog.

  • Your public corporate catalog.