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As a technology entrepreneur, my fascination has always been with AI's potential to revolutionize industries. Like my peers, I explored NLP systems and was captivated by the strides made through deep learning and innovative architectures. It was only later that the true potential of generative AI, with its inherent reasoning abilities, became apparent, exceeding all my expectations. I recognized that this technology could fundamentally alter the way we conceive, develop, launch, and utilize business software.

I established Imprompt driven by the ambition to create a world where businesses could interact with their technology as effortlessly as they do with one another. A world where outdated IT systems are effortlessly woven into this new paradigm, and where business challenges are resolved through simple dialogue.

The inception of Imprompt was sparked by a straightforward realization: the management and security of an ever-growing GPT-enabled asset base presented a formidable challenge. I envisaged a vendor-neutral platform functioning as a control plane, an agent mesh that would not only integrate various systems but also guarantee their secure and streamlined operation.

The Generative AI Stack

The Imprompt Agent Mesh is the core of our platform, offering platform-neutral services to manage, secure, and scale LLM-centric solutions. With the Agent Mesh, enterprises and ISVs can navigate the complexities of GPT environments in a structured way.

Our ambitions didn't end there. We also introduced the Imprompt Builder, a robust platform that enables product teams to infuse their solutions with language capabilities. With the Imprompt Builder, teams can craft departmental AI Assistants and Agents, make their APIs conversational, design and roll out automated GPT workflows, and ensure precision with automated testing suites. The possibilities are vast. We're transforming inflexible, isolated applications into adaptable, conversational assistants, paving the way for swifter AI adoption across businesses.

Moreover, we launched the Imprompt Assistant, a chat-to-everything solution designed for the corporate workforce. With the Imprompt Assistant, users can converse with GPTs and SaaS applications, deploy departmental AI assistants, link to AI solutions from OpenAI, Google, Amazon, and over 20 other providers, and leverage language models to streamline the analysis and creation of business documents.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

This is just the beginning, and we're thrilled to have you join us. As we continue to refine the Imprompt Agent Mesh, we're engaging with beta customers to ensure our platform fulfills the modern business's requirements.

Best, Jeff Schneider

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Jan 30, 2024

Introducing Imprompt

As a technology entrepreneur, my fascination has always been with AI's potential to revolutionize industries...

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