Imprompt Agent Mesh

control. secure. scale.

manage LLM assets at scale.

the control plane for generative AI.

Imprompt’s Agent Mesh provides platform agnostic services to control, secure and scale LLM centric solutions.


  • Full inventory of data access.

  • Monitor traffic, latency & token usage.

  • Assert rate limits and billing limits.

  • Integrate with OWASP for LLM providers.

  • Record an immutable audit trail for agent activity.

  • Reports: by department, usage, models, costs.


  • Only approved assets enter the marketplace.

  • Control LLM vendors & versions.

  • Lockdown access to vector DBs.

  • Assistants & Agents security review cycle

  • Audit usage and safety.

  • Single sign-on with MFA.

  • Policy enforcement point for LLM orchestration.

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crash course on agent mesh

As the complexity of GPT environments grow, enterprises and ISVs are challenged to scale the program in a controlled manner.


Available in single tenant configs for Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure and most Kubernetes configurations.